After coming to the realization that music could be transformed into many forms, I decided that I wanted to get started in the DJ’ing industry.
Shortly thereafter, I did a lot of research and learned everything there was to know about the equipment and tools necessary in order to become knowledgeable and prosperous in the world of DJ’ing. In this day and age, the internet is a great source for learning to become a DJ and I searched the World Wide Web intensively. After extensive research and a lot of saving up, I was finally ready to buy my first set of DJ equipment.
My first purchase was a mixer and then a set of CDJ’s which are used to mix music together.

The music genre that I really prefer is what is called “Hands Up” which is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the late 1980s and early 1990s, primarily in Europe. It combines many elements from House, Techno and especially Italo-Disco.

After a while, I began to operate my own private radio show. Thanks to all the support I received, I got my first club bookings.
Unfortunately I didn't have a DJ name, so during the first few club events I called myself DJ Melv. Also, during this same time, I started playing around with the genre of techno called Hardstyle, whiche was one of the best thing I have ever made!
After a very long and intensive brainstorm, a friend of mine, Roy Arzig, came up with my DJ name. The name was Decoodz. At the same time, I also became a member and resident DJ of SwissDanceNation, which I, was given the opportunity of hosting a show called 'Decooding the Beat'. To be continued...